Meet SeeDouble’s New Exuberance Coordinator

Larry and I adopted a male border collie mix in February. He was picked up as a stray in Texas and trucked to Minnesota along with many other refugees from a bursting shelter. His papers guessed he was about 1 year old so we gave him Groundhog’s Day as his birthday, 2/2/2018.

We named him Fintan; a good Irish name because he reminded us of many of the dogs we have seen in Ireland over the years. Last summer, while meeting some of these lovely companions, we knew we were starting to heal from the loss of SeeDouble’s previous hero and mascot Murphy, because we started to yearn for one. So here came Fintan, bounding into high snow, frigid temperatures and our welcoming hearts.

We imagined Fintan roaming the dusty back roads of Texas, wild and free and with a battered guitar across his back. Murphy lived to 17 and, even when he was a pup, he was more of a boulevardier than a bolt of lightning. It has been about 15 years since we had a young dog, but Fintan has certainly woken us up.

Fintan is smart and seems to want to stay here, so he is paying close attention to how to get along with inside dwellers (he is also very motivated by food).  He cuddles and has a big heart. Fintan has reminded us what bliss looks like.

Check out a perfect sketch of him by Sarah Santosa on our About page along with the rest of SeeDouble’s Gallery.

Mab Nulty