2018 Behind the Scenes News + 2019 Plans

What an amazing 2018 we had!

In my last See Double blog entry, I wrote about our three months in New Jersey, Iceland and Ireland.  But we also spent six weeks in Washington state. Our daughter Sarah and son-in-law Ansel have lived there since 2009 and this year they bought a farm on Whidbey Island. This beautiful spot looks out over the Pacific Ocean, the Olympic Mountains, giant pine trees, barns and meadows.  It will be not only be a family home but also an animal sanctuary. They already have three hens and four cats, and two rescue cows are coming to board this month.

Our most recent trip to the farm was over Thanksgiving to meet our newest grandchild, Gwendolyn! Gwendolyn allowed us all to hold her for hours as she slept or woke and stretched, exploring the air and world around her. She entered our hearts so quickly. We will find a way to include her as part of the SeeDouble crew soon. In the meantime, she has already been the inspiration for one erasure project by Larry as well as a knitted afghan by me.

I also traveled to Cambodia for the first two weeks of November. I was a member of a seven-person team organized by the non-profit Print the Love, which was founded by our daughter Ceallaigh. Print the Love ( https://printthelove.org/ ) travels to under-resourced countries and gives away instant photos. I had heard about previous trips from Ceallaigh and others as to how meaningful are the connections you make with people through the simple gift of an otherwise unobtainable photograph of themselves or their family and friends.   But my experiences in Cambodia were more powerful than I could ever have imagined. We asked mothers, fathers, grandparents, teens, market stall keepers, rice harvesters, teachers, students of all ages and the caregivers of babies and preschoolers in the poorest schools and neighborhoods if they would like a free photo of themselves. Almost everyone said yes and sometimes it would be simply a brief moment of a photograph taken and then thank yous shared. And sometimes it would turn into a party with households or whole blocks participating and encouraging each other to pose, laughing and showing their photos. Every time I had these moments I felt grateful: grateful for the genuine feeling that crossed physical and cultural divides and allowed kindness and love to connect us.

We also made time to see some of the remarkable sights of Cambodia. We saw the sunrise over Angkor Wat and millions of bats flying from their cave near Battambang to feed at sunset. But really, every second we spent in that land was a feast for the eyes and heart. Cambodia was full of color, warmth and smiles.

We are looking forward to what 2019 will bring. We hope for more kindness in our country.

We know we will be adopting another dog who will never take Murphy’s place but will join us as another muse for SeeDouble as we continue our creative endeavors. We should be on fire with love and inspiration!

We are also excited to keep blogging and hope some of you will join us.  If you would like to be a guest blogger or know someone who would like to write about discovering, making or appreciating the magical possibilities of blending text and  image, contact us - info@seedouble.press. We would love to have more guest bloggers to expand our artistic and spiritual horizons. We would be happy to be guest bloggers as well or on a podcast, even if you know of any opportunities pass them along.

We’ve been gone awhile but we will be back more on Instagram.

Happy New Year!

Mab Nulty