Frame Your Erasure Art

When we decided to start going to book and art festivals, a good friend and veteran of these events suggested we make and bring something to sell that was less expensive than our books. Some event goers may not want to pay the price of one of our books but would like to dip their toe in the erasure waters with less of a financial commitment.

So we came up with the idea to frame a single page of erasure art. Both Larry and I created some. Whether the page inspired a simple or complex design, it was fun and satisfying to create a complete story on one sheet and to find the perfect frame. They stood out on our festival table like little gems.

One page I created was in honor of the miracle of the natural world.

I live in an urban area but leafy trees, diamond sparkles on lakes and the empty space above them, the flowers I tend around the house, the birds at their feeder and squirrels at theirs, are extremely important to my daily life. I also need periodic visits to the countryside and the wildness as much as I need love, vitamins and minerals. I need to hear the trees talk, the grass sway or the snowflakes settle and learn.

“Every atom is striving continually to manifest more life; all are intelligent, and all are seeking to carry out the purpose for which they were created.” Harold Klemp

I’ve included a photo of one of our events with our books and framed erasure art fanned out on our table, another of sharing a doughnut with my granddaughter, and finally the close up of my nature homage.

Try a page!

Mab Nulty