I am writing this on the first of October and already Minneapolis is settling into chilly grey light by day followed by night skies of spilled ink.  I plan to take time this winter to go just a bit crazy with meditation and drinking cider and listening to the range of music I download from library compact discs.   I will also burrow into the space beside my wife Mab who will be on her computer as the snow falls outside, early almost certainly this year I’d say.

Just two things to remember in the midst of all this space to which retirement (after years of running, running) has brought me.   First, vote this November for every issue and person for which I can vote.  Anyone who doesn’t consider that their vote matters should take a moment to imagine the persons whose lives do depend on how America votes.

Second, when it starts to get cold, no complaining.  I’m Minnesota born and bred and at its coldest it never feels as cold to me as it used to be.  That may just be the way my memory works, but I appreciate how it gets me to be pleasant to the winter as it rampages my life with snow to shovel and ice to slip on.  I don’t forget that snow gives me dreams with jeweled light and that ice makes vodka pop.

Here is a sequence from my just finished erasure project:   

Lawrence Sutin