Gift of Gratitude

I entered a postcard display in the Minnesota State Fair this year. Postcard displays are part of the Collections Exhibit in the Creative Activities Building. It was really a collaborative effort between Larry, who culled his postcard collection to find examples of my theme, Sarah. who helped me visualize a beautiful layout, and myself.

My theme was Acts of Kindness and I am very happy with how my display turned out and with my pink 4th place ribbon. It was very fun going through the process of entering something at the fair. There are plenty of rules to follow to create a postcard display that qualifies for judging. Driving around the fairgrounds to drop off and pick up the display feels like you’re part of a backstage tour of the State Fair scene. And going to the fair with your fans (family) to find your display is a good treasure hunt.

In the midst of the framing part of this project a sweet thing happened. With a cart full of groceries, I was waiting in line to check out at our neighborhood co-op one busy afternoon. A woman came up behind me in line with one item. All the other lines were a couple of shoppers deep as well so I told her to go ahead of me. She asked “Really?” I said “Of course.” and she thanked me. As I was unloading my cart onto the belt and she was finished with her purchase, she came back to me and handed me a card, a thank you card. “I sell my cards here.” she said and gave me a wave. “Thank YOU.” I called after her.

While I was being rung up I looked at a lovely artistic small-batch greeting card of a tiara-topped sea otter drinking a cup of tea and saying “Thanks You’re the Best.” It was blank inside and came with its envelope ready for me to pass on again.

Letting a person with a single item in front of me when I have a bundle is like breathing. But this woman was so grateful and that was a great gift to me, reminding me to reach back and notice  the simplest and no less worthy of gestures.

Like one of the postcards in my display--titled Tending, of a little boy sitting on a rock in a very lush meadow and offering his sheep some grass--even when we are surrounded by what we take for granted, that one blade specially picked and offered makes life so much sweeter.



Mab Nulty