It's April! (The Giraffe)

As I was settling in to write a blog entry for this month, I gave myself permission to take a brief detour to Facebook just to give the creative juices some more time to percolate. And what do I behold....April, the giraffe giving birth! A zoo in New York has been live streaming April as she progresses through labor for weeks now and I have checked in periodically along with tens of thousands of other fans, worrying along with them too that this is taking so long. I always reassure myself that this is April's 4th calf, her body knows what to do and move on. Today, I was lucky. I found April on my laptop screen with 2 calf legs dangling from her hindquarters and stayed until the new born was taking wee steps. I was mesmerized and truly touched by the beauty and grace of April, her calf and nature's miraculous unfolding.

Before I clicked to enter fullscreen, I noticed one of the comments that were scrolling by on the side of the live feed image. It said, "What's the big deal. There is a lot more important news." I wondered. Is there? By some definitions, yes. But by another, no. Without the renewal of life, there is no other news. And is there value in such a ranking? Most of the comments were very positive and supportive of April, the zoo, each other. We were a community for a short time, uplifting and uplifted.

I know I need respites and balance. 

Photo by Animal Adventure Park

Mab Nulty