No Normalizing Trump Never Nohow

Trump is a perpetually lying megalomaniac whose game is to keep you hoping. Hoping what? For those who support him, hoping that the lies will become true, which is difficult for lies to do. For those who see him as a threat to American values of freedom, tolerance, and respect for the facts—which would include us here at See Double Press—hoping that his lies will accumulate and lead to his political undoing.

Several dozen lies ago, you may recall that Trump fantasized about inauguration crowds that appeared in his mind but not in videos and photographs. Recently, while cutting up old discarded library books for usable image fodder for my erasure books, I came across this photo and caption from a 1946 American history book. It is dedicated to the women who marched around the world the day after Trump’s inauguration and eclipsed his delusions by their dedicated presence.

FYI: Wilson did not see fit to challenge the crowd estimates. Apparently he felt himself to be a leader with a country to run.

Also included is a portrait of Frederick Douglass that I rescued from an 1886 textbook on American history. This is dedicated to Trump for his conscientious recognition of Black History Month.

Lawrence Sutin