Big Blog News

Larry and I are going to take turns in this blog space. Who am I? I am the director of See Double Press, Mab Nulty, and Larry’s wife. We actually met in a writing class but Larry went on to authorial greatness and I kept my day job as a licensed psychologist in private practice. I am retired now and have really enjoyed starting this press.

As the director, I manage all the the day to day tasks. I pack and ship book orders. I talk to customers who have special requests. One person called to ask if I could leave off the  incriminating part of the return address because this was going to be a special Christmas gift for her husband and if he got to the mailbox before her, she didn’t want to give him any reason to even start asking questions. I loved talking with a customer calling from Belgium who encouraged us to attend an international book arts fair in Brussels. He made it sound fascinating enough that I have started to save my pennies. Even if I never speak or write to anyone and the order is uncomplicated, I still get a thrill sending out each package to a random address somewhere in the world and imagining it arriving at its destination and finally into someone’s actual hands, from mine.

I coordinate all the steps of the printing process. Larry and I make any artistic decisions together and often with the input from our book designer (and daughter, Sarah.) We have the best partnership with our printer, Smartset. We looked around but we are not a simple client. When we finally found Smartset in northeast Minneapolis, we were excited because Kevin and Brian thought we had an interesting product and that the books were worth it even if they were going to be complicated projects. They also offer creative and useful input. They “got us”!

I keep records. I make lists and the calendar. I learned how to use Square.

We have been around the publishing world for a long time, since Larry’s first book, Divine Invasions; A Life of Philip K. Dick in 1989 (and through 6 books since) but this is a whole new perspective. I am learning something new all the time and having fun.

Just like the interfusing of text and image is the aesthetic theme of our press, the braiding of Larry’s and my voices will be the purpose and pleasure of this blog space. We hope you enjoy them!