Latest Family News

See Double Press has as its special focus what we like to call “text/image interfusions”—words and pictures dancing together without boundaries on the same page. Our customers have kindly commented on the beauty of our books, and that has to do not only with the creative efforts of the authors, but also with the quality we bring to the production process. Which brings me to my stepson Brennan, who does the high-resolution scanning for See Double Press when he is not making feature and documentary films that have been shown at the Tribeca and South by Southwest film festivals, to name just a few classy venues. Brennan has won a number of film-making grants as well as local Emmys for his work as a videographer at Twin Cities Public Television. What sets Brennan apart is his soulful use of a film camera. He shoots scenes that draw you in because of their stunning visual awareness. His images breathe.

See Double Press would need a grant to afford Brennan if he were not family and working off his debt for the film camera we bought him years ago. Who knew then what a shrewd move we were making!!!

But enough about old man Brennan. He and his darling wife Tami have just given birth to See Double’s third grandchild: Sonny Wilder Vance. Such a sweet baby. See for yourself.