Enter Ali Baba's Cave of Found Crap

How did my cold white basement office (so it was upon my arrival) come to be my workspace? There was never a guiding plan or a governing aesthetic. On a practical level, it represents the current detritus of over three decades of shopping estate and garage sales and thrift stores. On a psychological level, it represents freedom from restraint--I rescue and display the artifacts of life that I truly love (and can afford) regardless of accepted tastes. On a spiritual level, it is—let it all in, awareness can (and must) host deep complexities. On a silly level—it makes me smile, keeps me sailing. And it keeps changing. Items come and go as gifts received and given. It’s like the team picture for a baseball team—never the same from year to year. Here’s the official team photos of my 2016 office, taken by my stepson Brennan Vance, an award-winning filmmaker and photographer, who makes my office look better than I’ve ever seen it.












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