How I Discover What I Believe In Through The Magic of Erasure Texts


I love bringing together texts and images that never would have otherwise met were it not for my scissoring and pasting and marking over (erasing) and circling.  The pages of old discarded books are my canvases.  When I create an erasure text I am constantly surprising myself.  I don't know what is going to be said, nor what image(s) from my cigar boxes randomly filled with old clippings I might choose to deepen, complicate or mock the surprise text.

But now and then the surprise text requires none of those enhancements.  Only reverence.  That is what I felt in the two-page spread you can see when the text that formed before my eyes was the absolute truth of my soul:

"When there is risk I carefully wait for the dog prayers which soften the snow."

Dogs are the most compassionate beings that I know.  They are a source of strength to me and give me hope.  So I placed an image of a sturdy young man with his two sturdy dogs at the head of the mushing team already pictured in the book.  Endurance.  Loyalty.  Kindness.  The wisdom to face the path ahead. My sort of prayer.

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