You Will Never Forgive Yourself If You Don't Click On This Time-Travel Homage to Text-Image Melding!!! Franz Kafka Visits See Double Press!!! Lawrence Sutin Starts a Blog!!!


  Just over a century ago, Franz Kafka would frequently doodle in his diaries—stark, expressionistic stick figures that mirrored the thoughtful and anguished protagonists of his novels and stories. Some of these drawings were later included in books of his published after his ostensible death. “I would have loved the opportunity to work with See Double Press!” the living spirit of Kafka said at a recent pop-up through time event with See Double Director Mab Nulty and myself, Creative Editor Lawrence Sutin. “Instead of hiding my doodles away, I would have interlaced them with my prose!”

Writers throughout time have felt, as Kafka does, that text and image go together like peanut butter and jelly. For me, the supreme examples of this synesthetic synergy are the illuminated works of William Blake. In the present day, we are well familiar with graphic novels and comic books, but the format of such works tends to herd bite-sized texts into little dialogue balloons or captioned boxes to accommodate the dominant imagery. Why can't words and images dance more intimately and be created (as is seldom the case in graphic novels and comic books) by the same person, a writer-artist such as Blake, or a writer-artist in the waiting like Kafka?

The possibilities of textual/image interfusions of great aesthetic and even spiritual power will be the subject of this blog.

In the meantime, check out See Double books to see what Kafka and others are so excited about.

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