About See Double Press

See Double is a newly founded independent press dedicated to innovative interfusing of text and image. Our goal is to publish beautiful, compelling and challenging books that might not otherwise see the light of day. We resist any and all aesthetic labels for the books we choose. We do want them to be well worth the reader’s time.

See Double is a small operation with no ambition to put out more than two to three books per year. We invite authors and artists we wish to work with to work with us. Under no circumstances can we consider or respond to uninvited submissions.

    Creative Editor
    and Shut-In

    Scrounger-lounger type with his own tastes and ideas. No longer able to schmooze. More.

    and Queen of Connaght

    Without her vision, planning, and commitment, See Double Press would not exist. She is a lovely soul.

    Book Designer
    and River Otter

    Sarah designs interior spaces as well as books. Her aesthetic—beauty and function in cozy harmony—extends to the See Double packaging design for shipping. More.


    Wondrous Website Creator
    and Virtual Wizard

    Brilliant and adorable. The creative labor he put into this website has been essential to our press. More.

    Website Cinematographer
    and Ardent Tarkovski-ite

    Brennan is an award-winning independent filmmaker who has also worked as a cinematographer on public television. You wouldn’t think so, but he likes hockey. More.


    Nonprofit Consultant

    Salt of the earth, pure of heart, a woman whose entrepreneurial skills are directed to the good of all. More.


    See Double Hero

    Cancer survivor. Bodhisattva. Best kisser ever.